Palo Santo & Sweet Tobacco Blush Ceramic

Palo Santo & Sweet Tobacco Blush Ceramic

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Palo Santo & Sweet Tobacco captures an aromatic pipe tobacco scent along with a familiar woody palo santo. This fragrance is heady and features brandy, sweet honey and amaretto. It's balanced off with a base of oak and warm benzoin. Palo Santo is delicately blended into this masterpiece and ushers in a woody scent of warm spices, sandalwood and patchouli. This is my newest fave! 

Notes: Black pepper, clove leaf, nutmeg, lavender, cedar, tonka bean, patchouli, vanilla bean, sandalwood, olibanum, amaretto, honey, brandy, tobacco leaves, oak and benzoin. 

Poured in an elegant, modern and sturdy 14 oz rose colored container.

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