Talavera Tácita

Talavera Tácita

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This beautiful Mexican handcrafted Talavera tácita is filled with Fresas Y Crema (Strawberries and Cream). There is nothing like fresh sweet Fresas (Strawberries) Y Crema (and cream). It's a classic dessert and is always so simple and refreshing. The top notes of green leaves and lemon add freshness to the generous helping of strawberries and cream at the heart of this decadent fragrance. A base of sweet sugar and light musk round out this mouthwatering summer scent. It smells good enough to eat! 

Notes: Green Leaves, lemon, Strawberries, Cream, Sugar and Light Musk 

This limited edition blue and white artisanal Mexican handcrafted Talavera tacita is simply full of culture. The workmanship is simply gorgeous. It is 12 ounces and the burn time is approximately  55 to 60 hours. We've added some dried pressed florals to add to the beauty of this vessel.  Each tacita will vary in decororation and the size and shape can vary slightly. 

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