California Grove Car Diffuser

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Our Car diffusers are a perfect way to take your scent on the go! These diffusers are filled with high quality phthalate free fragrance oils along with a diffuser base. There are also sprinkles of either lavender buds or rose petals. The natural wood top and cord allow fragrance to be dispersed into your car or any place that you'd like a scent filled space. 

 Just like a sunny summer day our California Grove is bright and joyful. Initially, juicy mandarin orange and lemon top notes greet you. Then, succulent sweet pineapple paired with a touch of green grass in the heart of this scent marries the top notes. The warmth of inviting vanilla and musk base notes bind this fruity fragrance’s vibrance. Enjoy California Grove anytime you need an uplifting scent! 


Mandarin, Lemon, 
Pineapple, Grass,
Vanilla and Musk

*Unscrew wooden top. Gently remove the plastic plug. If necessary, use a butter knife or similar item. 

*Screw the wooden top back on. Slowly tilt the bottle over sideways for 10-12 seconds until the wood and cords begin to become saturated. Avoid tilting on the side where the hole are where the cords are threaded through. 

*Adjust the cords to hang anywhere that you'd like your diffuser to fragrance. Enjoy! Be sure to always keep the bottle upright to avoid spillage, wipe up immediately if any occurs. 

*Repeat steps above for a fragrance refresher. 

*Keep out of reach of children or pets.

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