Persimmon Orange

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Persimmon Orange is a unique fragrance that is a complex fruity blend. Persimmons and other citrus fruits have a history of significance in many different cultures. Persimmons are given as a symbol of good luck during the New Year, they also represent transformation in other countries. In Western traditions, an orange was considered a luxurious treat as a Christmas gift and remains a common stocking stuffer to this day. This fragrance blend is a tribute to the many cultures that both fruits represent. This is a surprise breakout scent that will fill your room with all the holiday feels! Make this your new holiday fave!

Citron, orange peel, tangerine, and peach compliment the persimmon’s unique citrus scent. This heady, bright fragrance is softened by a base of clove and bamboo. 

Notes: Orange Peel, Citron, Eucalyptus, Peach, Persimmon, Tangerine, Red Currant, 
Clove and Bamboo

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