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Hi everyone!

So here goes my first time at blogging! Thank you for coming along with me.

Welcome to our website. It’s been a long time coming and very exciting and a bit scary at the same time. My son, Louie, has been off of work from Disney due to Covid-19 since March. With extra time on his hands, Louie along with the rest of my family encouraged me to take the dive. So here I am, taking another step on this small business journey. I’ve decided to keep both my website and Etsy page so double the fun! A friend of mine described it as having a Target store and a Walmart store!

We’re going to be celebrating five years of being in business this upcoming November. Whew, time flew by! We have met the most awesome customers who have become friends and vendors who are so talented and have become friends as well. I’ve learned so much and I have lots of plans for this little shop of ours. I’d love to have our candles in more shops throughout CA and neighboring states. I have ideas for a couple more fun products to add to our line. Maybe, just maybe a little shop of our own one day where you can come and visit. A girl can dream, right?!? Nothing is too big for God! Thanks for reading this today. I hope you come back to visit soon. In the meantime, stay safe and stay well.


Diana 💜💜

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