Happy August

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Happy August and happy Saturday! 

I’ve been so busy and my creativity is on full speed! It feels so satisfying  to be in this creative mode. I’ve not only been pouring candles but I’ve been making lots of shower steamers and lavender filled sachets. In one of our hotter months of Southern California I’m amidst planning for our Fall scents. It always feels odd pouring Fall fragrances when temps are in the 90’s! They’ll be available the beginning of September. 

The best thing that has been underway is that my son and his fiancé have been organizing my workshop! I’m a fairly good organizer but lack the time to pull it all together. I’ve been flexible and open to their suggestions and the workshop looks wonderful. 

I hope that during this time that you have felt somewhat creative whether it be in cooking, starting a new craft or whatever makes you happy. I also hope that you’ve been able to organize something in your life to make it easier for you. Take good care and be safe out there! 


Diana 💜💜

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  • Do not miss out on the shower steamers. I got a trial pack of 4 and LOVE them. So relaxing in this crazy stressfull world. Grapefruit Lemongrass is my favorite. Wish I could move in with Diana just to enjoy the scents in her home! Thanks Di for a wonderful product.

    Deanne on

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